Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Awh man... spring break is coming to an end

Happy Wednesday! It came on so quickly! Stephen and I have been in Naples with my family this spring break and time always seems to fly by whenever we are here. The rest of the week will be good though because we have lots of fun things planned (like my birthday on Friday... hehe). Anywho here are some lovely images that I think are worthwhile!

Bunny baby hat! 

Mmm... this picture is one of mine. These are the cupcakes we got yesterday at Gracie's Cupcakes and Ice Cream in Naples. Coconut Snow Ball, Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Black and White Creme, Tiramisu, and Banana. Simply delicious.

This sleepy little guy.

Not only is the fact that they are holding hands adorable, but the boy's penguin backpack is precious! I want to try and replicate it somehow. 

I like the idea behind these frames. 

This wood shelf design speaks for itself. I would love to do this in my future home.

Baby Harry Potter!

Vintage bathing suits were so lovely. Why did they ever go out of style? Bathing suits now are way to skimpy. 

Happy Spring Break to all of your students. Otherwise have a lovely week everybody!

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  1. I always love the wednesday posts. :)

    I think the backpack would be pretty easy to do if you found the right base...just get some felt and ~ta-daaa! Omg we should try it. Only I'll make a panda bear.


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