Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worthwhile Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As I have been exploring around the blogosphere I have seen a lot of "10 Things I love" type posts from bloggers who share a few images of things they love and feel are worth sharing. I am going to start something just like this and I am calling it...

 Worthwhile Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I will post a few images that I feel are worth sharing and also worth your while. :)

 This stunning ear cuff found in RingRingRing's etsy shop!

These delicious looking heart shaped brownies found in tookies Etsy shop!

This really silly knitted beard hat! If I had a friend who would definitely wear this, I would like to make one. It looks warm after all!

This adorable coffee cozy. 

This beautiful image by Color Me Katie!

This movie still from Ivan's Childhood. It leaves me with an indescribable feeling. 

This painting by Sea Hyun Lee. Found on butdoesitfloat.

This dress and pair of shoes that I really want from Modcloth!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Watch your mailbox! I told s to spill the beans. HB early!
    s's m

  2. Thanks for following me, I love your banner and background, tis soo cute!:) and also that pretty dress ^


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