Wednesday, April 13, 2011


With the end of the school year closely approaching, things should be winding down. However, with training starting for my second job tomorrow and final projects still left to finish, things are still in full swing!

Buttt, I love what I do and lately I've felt very accomplished. Recently finished a portfolio site, which was a huge load off my shoulders! Also enjoyed a lovely trip to Atlanta this past weekend with great friends and fun!

Here is some awesome images and things that describe the past week!

This vintage cat bed. 

This little guy! Life is hard when you are a puppy.

This whale tank at the Georgia aquarium! It was breath taking in person!

Took this image at the Coke museum. Look how awesome these bottles are!

Coke bottles moving down the line.

Baby teapot made from a coke can!

Little illustration. Sad subject, but nicely done.


If only.

A floral dress. My favorite.

Floral skirt mixed with lace trim! Even better!

AHHHH! Too cute for words.

Pretty shoes. Want!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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