Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Little Chilly this Wednesday

Thunder storms bring on sweater weather here in Florida! Found some lovely little images this week.

This cute vinyl decoration. I've seen cooler ones but this one is simply sweet.

More room creativity!

Krishna food. It's quite delicious. If you are an FSU student, I highly suggest snagging a plate of this for lunch one day.
Asian looking elephant illustration. Nuff said.

A really pretty design I stumbled upon. 

So I found this little doll in Walmart and I purchased it for a project. Her tag read "Pinkalicious," so I researched her a bit. Apparently she is a HUGE children's book sensation. Little girls love her and I found a plethora of youtube videos featuring little girls reading the book or acting out the story. 
Basically this little girl makes pink cupcakes with her mom and eats too many of them causing her body to turn pink! She likes it for a while, but then she has more cupcakes and turns red! So to reverse the effect she eats lots of green vegetables to return to her normal self. From what I gathered, the morals of the book are love yourself for how you are and eat your green veggies.

A clever little play on words. I want this shirt.

Beautiful baby Suri! "Oh hey paparazi, you stay there while I nom on this cupcake."

I thought these were real donuts at first. Turns out they are delicious looking necklaces. 

Have a good week everyone!

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