Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Rainy Wednesday...

This rainy Wednesday... brings a little warmth. Days like these are terrible to walk around in (I have class today), but they make nice mornings. For some reason the sound is soothing while you are laying sleepily under the covers. Here are some images that made me smile on this dreary day, perhaps they will make you smile too.

This sweet illustration. 

This lovely headband! Project idea!

This pup and his toy clone, and his toy's toy clone.

Clever wrapping paper.

Dancing in the rain. For all the rain that falls in Tallahassee, we rarely do this in it.

EEEP! This new vinyl that I have on my computer! Hum ho... how clever clever.

Strawberry pie. Quite possibly my type of favorite pie.

This amazing craft room! I hope to have one like this someday.

Stay dry! Or dance in the rain if you so wish!

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