Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boy... is it Wednesday already?

It seems like I've only been doing Wednesday posts lately. Not to fear! I have some lovely little projects in mind for when school simmers down in the next couple of weeks. But I do really enjoy Worthwhile Wednesdays.

This week, I believe these will be worth your while...

Paula Deen riding a stick of butter. I think its hilarious!

This pretty flower headdress. New project idea?

These adorable Deviled Egg Chicks that What Tasty Food has come up with for Easter. They are so clever!

This Kitty ring! Stephen bought me one that looks exactly like the one pictured! I am in love with it. Most likely it will be on my finger when you see me. :)

I just think this photo is dreamy. 

Tea time! After this semester ends, Sonja and I are going to celebrate with a real tea party.

Nature's candy.

Snorkeling! I cannot wait to do this after school ends. I hope it is as magical looking as this image is. 

Have a good week everybody!

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