Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GUEST Worthwhile Wednesday!!!

Since Michele has been at work since the wee hours of the morning and now has to study for her final... I SONJA SHALL SAVE WORTHWHILE WEDNESDAY! I will not let this tradition die because Michele can't take the time out of her day to make one god forsaken blog post.

A little about me before I begin...
I am Sonja! I am Michele's roommate. My favorite color is purple and I like ponies. Besides those facts, Michele and I are basically the same person, so basically I am the most qualified individual to complete a Worthwhile Wednesday on her behalf. So without further ado, here are things I love that you should see too, because I like things and so should you.

He is a time lord... he has two hearts because all time lords do. I want them both.

Olivia is amazing!!!!

Very, very pretty.

The best movie in the world. The movie that changed my life.

My spirit animal in action.

Haha Dr. Who makes me happy.



Andrew Garfield's butt makes my Wednesday complete.



Leave your thoughts! :)