Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woop Woop it's Wednesday!

Here are some images that might be worth your while!

Koala's!!!!! Remember these from middle school? I really loved my mom on the days I found a box of these in my lunch box. 

There isn't a Koala theme going on. I promise. I just found this because I saw a guy walk by on campus on Monday wearing this exact hat. I couldn't help but snicker.

The guy who legally married a video game character! This news story came out a while ago, but I guess this is them on their honey moon. Check out the flower on the game system!

These little guys (blue heeler pups) have a big place in Stephen's heart, and they are beginning to creep into mine as well. We might be getting one next year, despite both our parents telling us not to. 

This tea set up just looks lovely.

Tea and crumpet ring! 

This illustration-- it's breath taking!

Happy Wednesday all! 


  1. I just bought some koalas in chinatown! I remember our variety was called Koala Yummies.

  2. I bet there was Strawberry in the pack! Those are my favorite!


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