Friday, February 18, 2011

Loose Leaf Tea

I just wanted to share something that I feel is good for the soul-- loose leaf tea. I love settling down at night in my jammies with a hot cup of tea and loose leaf tea has quickly become one of my favorite pleasures. It doesn't take that much longer to brew, and the flavor is much stronger than anything I've ever experienced with tea bags. 

I am particularly interested in Teavana's products. My roommate has two of their different chai flavors and with a splash of milk and some honey they are heavenly. 

I would love to visit one of their tea shops to try something on the spot as well as select some canisters to take home. 


  1. There's one somewhere in the middle between where we both live! Maybe my mom will be willing to head there over spring's in this absolutely gorgeous mall with a ton of shops, food places, AND a mac store. You could meet us there for lunch, maybe!

  2. There's one in Coconut Point/Estero Sonja..which is sort of between where we live. It would be cool if you came down there one day over Spring break :)


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