Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gryffindor Scarf for Stephen

This winter break was fabulous. I reacquainted myself with my knitting needles which was way overdue. Stephen really wanted a garnet and gold scarf so I thought I'd surprise him with a handmade one for Christmas. It was perfect because...
  1. I had a week at home away from him so I could complete it in secret.
  2. It would be perfect for him to wear around Harry Potter World which was on our itinerary.
I spent many many hours working on it, but it was super fun and turned out beautiful. I think I had the gauge wrong because it started to curl on the ends... but it was nothing an iron and some crocheting along the edges couldn't fix! I am very proud of it and he really loved it. 

Scarf in action at HP world

I will post the scarf pattern soon!

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